I'm Peteris Erins and I'm learning about strategy while building Auditless. Feel free to peruse the legacy archive of blog posts while I build up a series of essays on strategy.

My last role was at McKinsey London where I worked as a Strategy and Growth consultant and later as a Product Manager in McKinsey's AI arm QuantumBlack. Previously, I worked at Google MTV, Twitter SF and other start-ups in various engineering/machine learning roles. I studied Mathematics in Cambridge University with an emphasis on discrete maths and probability.

My approach:

  • I'm a Founder first and strategy learner second, I will write, research and test ideas that you can apply.
  • Long-form research for practicioners. This is not the place for explaining tech news and filings. Others do that well.
  • Efficiency. Executives are busy. My goal is to give you useful information with as little content as possible.
  • Large scope. I'm not afraid of using game theory, psychology, military theory or any other relevant field. Strategy necessarily touches big & small companies from manufacturing to tech and from board games to board rooms.