Around the Block, 29-03-18
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Around the Block, 29-03-18

Already looking forward to ETH Buenos Aires? Will Warren's piece on 0x governance will keep you occupied. In other news, Quorum and Lightning are gearing up towards platform success and Coinbase reveal their intimate relationship with Ruby...

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💎  Ethereum

Governance in 0x Protocol

"My goal for this post is to help readers understand how the ZRX token allows stakeholders to securely upgrade 0x protocol without downtime or disruption to markets and why governance is critical when building public financial infrastructure on top of a rapidly evolving tech stack."

Why this is important.  It is refreshing to see the most pragmatic views on practical protocol governance come from the team behind a minimal exchange protocol. Governance will be a critical element of many public protocols and not just DAOs. Other gems include 0x's intent on running cryptoeconomic models and their thoughts about how ownership considerations should drive token incentive schemes.

Sneak peek: 0x trade widget

"A new user with only an ETH balance in their wallet is able to select the token they would like to purchase and the amount of ETH they would like to spend. Upon clicking Submit Order, a trade occurs behind the scenes using 0x protocol and the tokens show up in the user’s wallet. No setting allowances, no wrapping ETH, no deposits."

Rediscovering Ethereum: The Beige Paper backstory

"I also started to use my contracting time at ConsenSys to carve out my vision of what I thought the Yellow Paper could be. This effort has culminated in the Beige Paper––my attempt at a more approachable, more accessible version of the Ethereum Yellow Paper."

ETH Buenos Aires May 25-27

"ETHBuenosAires is welcoming those who want to support and build the decentralized future. The hackathon is an opportunity to work alongside the developers, thought leaders, advisers, and companies who are making the infrastructure and applications that will power the future."

🏛  Platforms

Week of the LApps

"@Blockstream have created Lightning Charge - a new micropayment processing system for the @lightning Network. It allows web developers to easily create Lightning Apps (LApps)"

JPMorgan weighs spin-off for blockchain project

"JPMorgan is expected to keep a minority stake in Quorum after the spin-out, which is likely to happen this year. Amber Baldet, the blockchain programme lead at JPMorgan, could leave the bank if it goes ahead with a spin-off, potentially for a project of her own."

Why is this important? Even private blockchains need to operate at scale. Corporates seem to be split between two approaches: The slow, consortium approach (Hyperledger, R3) or rapid private innovation. JPMorgan followed both approaches in parallel with mixed success. The next step is to secure more adoption for Quorum by operating as an independent company.

NEO: Token swaps with Ethereum now possible

"The Trinity Protocol has announced a cross-chain converter for its Trinity Token (TNC), which would allow the asset to exist in token form on the Ethereum network. The TNC is a NEP-5 standard token, the most widely used type on the NEO network."

On the scalability of Blockchains

Google is working on it's own blockchain-related technology

💻  Developer tools

Coinbase Open Source fund: Ruby edition

"This month’s theme is Ruby! Ruby has been a “first class” language at Coinbase since day one. As a team, we’ve written hundreds of tools and services in Ruby and create more every day. One of Ruby’s great strengths is its open source ecosystem, so we’re excited to make donations to some of our favorite projects."

Use our suite of Ethereum security tools

"So, we invested significant time and expertise to create what we needed, adapt what we already had, and refine the work continuously over dozens of audits. We’ve filled every gap in the process of creating secure blockchain software. Today, we’re happy to share most of these tools in the spirit of helping to secure Ethereum’s foundation."

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