Around the Block, Issue Nº15: TUNA featuring tuna, WASM
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Around the Block, Issue Nº15: TUNA featuring tuna, WASM

Welcome to a slightly new format of Around the Block. We are experimenting with sharing 5 punchy articles illustrating technical concepts or DApp adoption. Because sometimes less is more ;).

🌏 WASM could become the standard for blockchain development. This post argues that web assembly could replace EVM as a foundation for DApp development and pave access for development in multiple well-known languages like Rust, C++ and Kotlin. By Parity Technologies.

💵 Blockchain lending in one line of code. The Dharma team continue to impress. In this article they talk about using Dharma.js as an interface to the lending platform. Reminds me of Stripe’s famous “7 lines of code” — all that was needed to use Stripe for payments. By Kayvon Tehranian.

🎲 Force move games framework for state channels. Cracking the force move game category, which includes Chess and other two-player strategy games, represents a substantial progress in using state channels. By Tom Close.

🎨 Self-improving, self-sustaining art on the blockchain. This GitHub project generates art itself and incentivizes humans to improve the art that creates. By Simon de la Rouviere.

🐟 The world’s largest tuna fishery is running a blockchain initiative. As an enterprise use case, supply chain ranks high in terms of potential applications that could benefit from decentralization. No one anticipated a tuna fishery could lead here and… we’re just not convinced yet.

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