Around the Block, Issue Nº19: GOVERNANCE featuring Tezos campaigning, manifestos
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Around the Block, Issue Nº19: GOVERNANCE featuring Tezos campaigning, manifestos

🏛 Meltem Demirors launches a political campaign on Tezos. While much of the crypto community has been skeptical of Tezos, the betanet launched smoothly without much fanfare on Saturday, June 30th. While Tezos has many unique features that make is separate and distinct from other projects in the space, the one that’s least appreciated is its governance mechanism and approach to change. By Meltem Demirors.

🚨 Manifesto-based organisations. In the ideal world, every organization has a manifesto with its mission and values. Those values could be ranked, just like in the Aragon Manifesto. There could be a dapp that indexes all those manifestos. A TCR based on the subjective question of has this applicant acted in accordance with its mission statement/values? The organizations could stake tokens, to signal commitment to their manifesto. By Luis Cuende.

👑 Minimum viable decentralization. If we’re building a decentralized application, how much should we actually decentralize? Historically, the winning strategy has been to decentralize the legally sensitive parts and then otherwise build a normal application. It seems like every little bit of decentralization needs to be carefully administered because the side effects are strong and can easily produce an unusable experience. By John Backus.

🕶 STARKs, Part 3: Into the weeds. As a followup to Part 1 and Part 2 of this series, this post will cover what it looks like to actually implement a STARK, complete with an implementation in python. STARKs (“Scalable Transparent ARgument of Knowledge” are a technique for creating a proof that f(x)=y where f may potentially take a very long time to calculate, but where the proof can be verified very quickly. By Vitalik Buterin.

🚀 A plasma cash primer. This primer is written with the intent of encapsulating the information that exists in forums, Medium posts and GitHub into a coherent primer on what the current most mature version of Plasma Cash is. By Simon de la Rouviere.

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