Around the Block, Issue Nº7: RELAY featuring 0x Relayer report, first Dharma relayer
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Around the Block, Issue Nº7: RELAY featuring 0x Relayer report, first Dharma relayer

This was a major week for the Ethereum ecosystem. In addition to the Ethereum Enterprise Alliance announcing a new architecture for Enterprise implementations of Ethereum, there is significant momentum in the relayer space.

Not only did 0x give us 18 ideas for new relayers, we are starting to see relayers emerge for other protocols deeper in the stack. Dharma is a lending protocol built on 0x. With the first relayer built on Dharma, the open financial system is slowly becoming a reality.

Blockchain visualisation at Qadre, by Andy Shora

💵  Bitcoin

New proposal for Proof of Authority on decentralised blockchains

tl:dr; Numerifides is a proposed Bitcoin upgrade for registering ownership of “names”: trademarks, domains and other forms of named identification. To register a name, a user needs to mine for a given number of blocks and lock up bitcoin for a fixed time period. The novel idea is that users wishing to reserve the name for a longer time period will take priority over higher payers, which is designed to prevent name-squatting.

💎  Ethereum

Luke Duncan wrote about Insuring against smart contract failure

tl:dr; Users of smart contracts are not equipped to assess their risks. Smart contracts are an insurable risk according to standard insurance properties. Auditors are well-placed to become insurers in the ecosystem.

The EEA released an Ethereum Enterprise Reference Architecture Stack

tl:dr; Most of the enterprise alliances have had limited momentum since founding. The EEA has come forward with a new reference architecture of permissioned Ethereum blockchains. Four classes of components are identified: Yellow paper, Public Ethereum, Application layer and Enterprise Ethereum.

⚡️ Protocols and DApps

0x announced Relayer Report and described 18 ideas for relayers

tl:dr; Relayer Report will allow 0x relayers to share progress updates every two weeks. 18 problem areas are presented for individuals interested in building new relayers.

district0x launch their Q1 transparency report

tl:dr; Working on decentralised markets mandates more transparency and district0x have taken this to a level higher than most other blockchain companies. Highlights include the unwavering mission statement and vision as well as their focus on building “Meme Factory” (a sticky, purely virtual user-centric market).

💻  Developer tools

ConsenSys explained how Infura is the secret weapon of Ethereum infrastructure

tl:dr; Metamask, CrypoKitties, RadarRelay and other famous ecosystem projects use Infura hosted node service for Ethereum. More than 15,000 registered developers are now making 6 B API requests per day. Infura will be up to date with latest enhancements and plans to build them into the infrastructure itself.

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