How to make the most of Predictive Maintenance
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How to make the most of Predictive Maintenance

In 2016, I wrote an article for an industry article Reliability Web about the role Reliability Engineers can take in Predictive Maintenance.

The McKinsey Global Institute estimates that predictive maintenance solutions will have a potential impact of nearly $630 billion per year in 2025 in manufacturing alone. This level of reduction in equipment downtime and equipment capital investment should be very attractive to reliability engineers who can recommend exploring predictive maintenance and recruit other parts of the organization to provide the necessary level of support.

The article is below:

It was a memorable experience to have as a Product Manager. On one hand, I was working on a very exciting technology (using machine learning for predictive maintenance), on the other, the end users, reliability managers, were experts in operations (which I knew little about at the time) and far from early adopters. Writing for an industry article is just one example on how I had to adapt Silicon Valley product management techniques to target a different customer persona.