Week 24
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Week 24

Hi Reader,

This week was so rich of quality tweets that I've added a few more and removed the long-form section (temporarily). The tweet storm format for better or worse is evolving as a concise and powerful mechanism to understand how the smartest people think about abstract concepts.

On the personal health habit front, I've recently made a switch to soy milk and whole grain rice. These kinds of minimal alterations for your key sources of carbohydrates and fats can add up. I'm getting the better at reducing the pressure of incorporating big habit changes, instead opting for minor nudges at key choke points.

On the fitness front, I'm taking Peter Attia's advice and focusing on weight lifting. Peter's argument is that if you want to be able to comfortably lift your grandchildren, you better have excess muscle mass as you head into the aging process. I've already gained 10kg (of which ~2kg muscle) over the last 7 weeks. Remember, we're all into the sport of being kick-ass 100-year olds.

More thoughts on geopolitics next week.

🐦 Tech (mainly) tweets I'm reading

Nic Carter explains the power of on-chain crypto data for economic analysis.
Austen Allred predicts individual developers will build 1-person $1B companies.
Roy Bahat worries about SF becoming a fundraising hub.
Trevor McKendrick compiles the best tweet storms of all time.
Brian Skinner shares how emotional attitude is foundational for learning.
Jim O'Shaughnessy lists his favorite investing books.
Michael Siebel learns what management is all about.