Week 25
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Week 25

Hi Reader,

I've published the Week 2 summary of Peter Thiel's new Stanford course here. This week's theme on the Meaning of History was hard to process through the lens of the required reading, yet ultimately allowed me to organize several strands of sci-fi thinking. I argue that science, science fiction and game theory are better ways to derive where we are headed than transient cultural and religious phenomena.

šŸ¦ Tech (mainly) tweets I'm reading

Sam Altman looks back on when being in SF stopped being an obviously good idea.
Nik Sharma ideates the best way to use platforms for distribution.
Mike Solana counters socialism.
Elad Gil lists hot markets.

šŸ“ˆ Investing

Ben Carlson wrote Edges that don't go away about the ephemeral nature of most investing strategies. He argues that we should focus on "slow-traveling ideas" that aren't immediately adopted in the market. Another voice for contrarian and long-term thinking in investing and why we should all think for ourselves.

šŸ’Ŗ Strength

I've been following the Julian work-out plan and wanted to highlight one key idea that most people don't adopt. In the plan, Julian argues that muscle gains happen when 1kg of extra load is placed on a muscle. In most gyms, 1kg increments are not readily available, so people reduce their possible gains by more than 50%.

A suggested way to counter that is magnetic weights that you can add on to dumbbells. Unfortunately, my gym doesn't have dumbbells compatible with magnetic weights, so instead I've opted for ~1kg Nike wrist weights. These have turned out to be even more flexible, supporting added weight to individual dumbbells or even to workout machines.