Week 27
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Week 27

Hi Reader,

This week, I'm spending time in New York so it will be a shorter issue. I visited several street wear stores to try and understand the phenomenon of limited supply. The broader trend of luxury -> street wear -> geek wear (gaming) is in an interesting inflection point where the geek wear (e.g., 100 Thieves) trend is starting online but not well represented in retail whereas street wear retail is highly mature in cities like New York.

Another interesting phenomenon is the clear existence of two crypto subcultures - the financial/economic (NY) and technical (SF) with little overlap in thinking. Intuitively, teams need to be composed of both (e.g., Coinbase).

🐦 Tech (mainly) tweets I'm reading

Austen Allred sets up a useful thought experiment for Founders.
Soona Amhaz revisits stickers - one trend you may have completely missed.

💵 Capitalism

Naval recorded a defense of capitalism. Coming out and defending billionaires seems to be an indefensible and publicly unpopular stance these days, but the debate is useful. I'm writing up some notes on the last Peter Thiel course week, where we discussed the parallel of capitalism vs. socialism as seeing the world as a positive-sum game or a zero-sum games.