Week 31
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Week 31

Hi Readers,

Politics today is more divisive and exciting than ever. Fact and logic are being drowned out by populist leaders on both sides, and that's why this week's piece from Ray Dalio on reforming capitalism is so interesting.

He admits to what most capitalists don't want to swallow, that there is a problem of division in capitalism and talks about how to fix it.

šŸ˜Ž Misc

David Frankel compiles a guide on running a B2B startup outside San Francisco. How to manage the big questions around sales, travel, hiring.

šŸ“š Learning

Michael Nielsen shares what he believes to be the best paragraph on getting great at anything.

šŸŒ Governance

Ray Dalio breaks the ice on why capitalism needs to be reformed. If you have been wondering if capitalism is to blame for the recent rise of communists - Ray Dalio affirms that it is, but also explains why we need it more than ever.

Must read for everyone following the US Presidential elections, this digs deeper than Ray Dalio's earlier post on populism and reads a lot more like a root cause analysis vs. simply pattern recognition.