Week 33
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Week 33

Hi Readers,

This Easter week-end, I'm sharing an excellent thread on management books for any of you catching up on reading. I was excited to see a new approach to tackling issue management reminiscent of Superhuman for e-mail. Having tried countless issue managers, I agree there's still a notable gap.

šŸ›  Tools

Linear is Superhuman for issue management. You can now sign up to try out the tool using the link.

šŸ“š Learning

Andy Sparks compiles essential books on management in an open Twitter thread. Management style changes like fashion and these book choices reflect both classic and modern examples.

šŸ„• Longevity

Longevity Lessons from the "Blue" and "unBlue" zones explores how certain populations live longer and what nutritional choices are behind it. This is an older article I've only just come across, but covers a really important topic in longevity in a short & sweet way.