Week 38
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Week 38

Hi Readers,

There's a lot of interesting and actionable content this week so I won't bore you with my commentary.

šŸ”‘ Personal security

Sean Coonce explains how he lost north of $100k in crypto to hackers; I've ordered 2 Yubi keys.

šŸ¬ Start-ups

Holloway wrote Fundamentals of Product Market fit, collecting a lot of quality blog posts, some of which we featured before.

Todd Goldberg compiled helpful start-up resources. Some overlap, but this is a more expansive and still carefully curated set of links.

Investing in podcast ecosystem is a must-read report on the evolving podcast market, by a18z.

šŸ‘©ā€šŸŽ“ Careers

Mimetic traps speaks to the dangers of doing what other people do and how to break out of hyper-competitive environments of imitation. This is what McKinsey felt like to me.

Escape competition through authenticity is a one sentence summary on how to win and have a happy career, elaborated.