Week 46
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Week 46

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šŸš€ Start-ups

Tim Rooney explains the Rabois approach to building a $1 B company. Background: Keith Rabois (Founders Fund) recently entered into a big debate thread taking shots at lean start-up advocates. His thesis is vision > iteration, building a start-up = creating a movie. "You have a script and vision first and film the movie. Then you sell tickets."

Demand Curve recently recorded a series of web casts on best practice growth marketing covering content management, social ads, B2B outreach and more. Background: I joined in and it's clear these guys are ahead of the curve with a focus on automation tooling and tricks that work today.

Elizabeth Yin answers what is product market fit.

šŸ™†ā€ā™€ļø Mindset

Collaborative Fund on alternative forms of being rich. Background: Some of these themes, e.g., "waking up when you want" were amazing to see, because I consciously sacrificed on them early in my career and have been navigating to a place where I don't have to anymore.

šŸŒ Macro

Howard Marks' latest memo on how to think about interest rate cuts is excellent and must-read if you're making major asset re-allocations. Background: We've talked about the impending doom by featuring Ray Dalio last week. Both Ray and Peter Thiel agree on one thing - in the 90s we lied about growth and ended up with little, in the 00s we lied about stability and ended up with leverage, in the 10s we've been lying about interest rates and where that could end up is devaluation.