It's been a while since we talked
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It's been a while since we talked

Hi There,

It's been years since we talked. But that's on me.

See I was always bad at writing. Couldn't write a good essay at school. Luckily I knew a bit of math. Got as far as McKinsey where I nearly got kicked out for subpar "communication skills".


I did eventually figure it out there. Didn't learn how to write, but learned to lean on my superpower – learning. If I could outlearn others, just maybe the insights I pulled together would be more interesting. It worked.

Turns out people who are good at saying things sometimes need people with good things to say.

Then I became a Founder.

The job doesn't just benefit from good writing – it demands it. Content marketing in particular was something I thought would be useful. Unfortunately frequency, quality, niches and topics were not things I had a good grasp on. So many interests, so little commitment to pick one and write something coherent.

I'm trying to improve.

For the past couple of years I've realized that the best insights come from being deep in the mud, not deep in books. So I've started a newsletter again.

This time about building in crypto.

Four issues in and loving it. Some of you are already there.

Join us if you want insights from deep in the mud.

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