Join me & Alex on 19 August
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Join me & Alex on 19 August

Hey There,

I love business building.

Having said that, my bar for reading business content has only gone up.

I rarely see books worth reading in the bookstore.

Instead, I prefer to find the "best person at X" and watch them do a podcast.

There's one book I did actually read recently that was more than worth it.

$100M Offers by Alex Hormozi.

(If you haven't read it yet you should check it out. Take it as my book recommendation for the year.)

The reason I'm writing is that Alex is releasing Volume 2 of the book $100M Leads.

I'm pretty sure this will eventually be recognized as the #1 business book about how to get more customers for any business and any product.

Moreover, Alex is doing a virtual book launch on Saturday August 19.

Knowing his promotion approach, this could be the biggest live streamed business content event of the year (think Apple).

You should definitely join.

Just to be transparent, once 10 of us sign up and attend the webinar through the above link, we get access to 2 unreleased chapters from the book.

I'll be breaking down the learnings from those chapters in my newsletter so make sure you're subscribed.

If you'ŗe curious I also recently mentioned Alex Hormozi's content in a post about how to find & release bottlenecks in your business.