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Start here: Top 5 posts


A good place to start.

1. Become an enterprise product manager in 1 week

This starting guide will be helpful to Founders and Product Managers alike who want to develop the craft of building B2B software.

2. Sold out is the new brand

A short post talking about the evolution of branding and how limited supply goods are disrupting traditional means of distribution.

3. Massively composable decentralized games

My thesis on why blockchain games don't work (yet) and what kind of games ultimately will.

4. 3BODY: The book that reminded Obama to think bigger

The Three Body Problem is one of my favorite science fiction books. In this review I explain why.

5. Berman and Thiel on the limits of globalization

I take the veil off of Peter Thiel’s secretive second Stanford course. This three-post series dives through the reading material and explores content that questions our existing political narratives.