Week 16
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Week 16

Hi Reader,

I would like to hear from you!

I'm compiling a list of top articles of 2018 relevant to increasing long-term performance. Let me know (by responding to this e-mail) what favorite articles you came across and enjoyed, and I will share the list in the next iteration.

This week's issue is a bit shorter as I'm on break mode. For those of you looking for more articles, I encourage you to check your Instapaper and Pocket accounts before 2019 :).

šŸ¦ Tech (mainly) tweets I'm reading

Erik Torenberg gathers non-obvious ideas or habits that can change your life.
Garry Tan encourages Silicon Valley outsiders.
Peter McCormacks explains how to write a simple digital marketing strategy.

šŸ’µ Crypto

The crypto bear market is wreaking havoc. For long-term thinkers and contrarians, a short-term market signal should not be enough to deter from investing in this asset class. This is the time to double down on the fundamentals, study the asset and come up with an independent opinion.

A good start is this a16z video Crypto, the future of trust by Ali Yahya.