Week 17
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Week 17

Hi Reader,

As 2018 nears, I've compiled a list of your favorite articles and tweets. If you haven't sent in your favorite articles about long-term performance, please do as that list needs to get a lot bigger.

Lot of my favorite twitter authors have been spending their holidays tweeting, so there's more great gems this week than usual. I particularly enjoyed the idea that CEOs compound learning by having access to 10 minutes of bright people's top learnings every week.

Happy New Year all, look forward to collecting and writing for you in 2019!

🎆 Favorite articles of 2018

Hierarchy of investor needs
Patterns by Gordon Brander
Principles for navigating big debt crises by Ray Dalio
Invest for the long term
How to set up your iPhone for productivity focus by Coach Tony
Life Planning by Julian Shapiro

🎇 Favorite products of 2018

Superhuman e-mail client
The Coinbase crypto bundle
80000 hours career planning tool

🐦 Tech (mainly) tweets I'm reading

David King explains how CEOs compound learning.
Andy Sparks creates a CEO captain's log.
Ives van Hoorne lays down the rules of building products
Pomp collects best documentaries.
Reza Zadeh talks about 3d foot scanning for performance.

♞  Planning

Modeling life outcomes with stochastic methods is the latest push to quantitative decision making in life. Thomas Markovich uses Brownian motion and introduces several transformations to represent salary, bonus and spending. The outcome - a clear time-dependent distribution of net worth.