Week 18
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Week 18

Hi Reader,

Threads, Q&As and newsletters are booming and with that more and more people are sharing perspectives, lessons and other meaningful information in thinking about 2019. You will find some of them below.

For myself, I enjoyed Tim Ferris' recommendation of looking back at positive and negative events of 2018 and figuring out how to plan them ahead of time. On a tactical note, I found significant benefit in reading, focus and building habits around exercise & health. 2018 felt like my most "efficient" year yet, so instead of more incremental efficiency I'm going to double down and think bigger about everything I'm already doing along with doing some more experiments.

🐦 Tech (mainly) tweets I'm reading

Collaborative Fund compare the lasting vs non-lasting.
Sebastian Aaltonen compiles programming best-practices.
Austen Allred gathers private beliefs of his followers.
Polemic Paine makes macro predictions for 2019.
Suhail asks about user research practices.
Ali Yahya describes his habit engineering system.

♞  Planning

Still Learning - Key Decision Analysis by Ivan Mazour is a transparent attempt at learning through reflection. Ivan retraces his thinking in 2018 and emerges with new insight.

💵 Crypto

Crypto theses for 2019 by Arjun Balaji is required reading for the crypto community. Here is an honest and daring effort at predicting, qualitatively and quantitatively, what will happen in 2019.

🚀 Space

Atomic Rockets is a sci-fi guide to building realistic worlds. It exists as a guide for writers, but incidentally serves two other important purposes - describing potential developments on our road to interstellar civilization and featuring less common science fiction novels.