Week 19
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Week 19

Hi Reader,

Having hopefully thought a little bit about what you will value in 2019, the next step is to understand the landscape. Thinking about macro shifts is the first step in coming up with a robust strategy that sails with the wind not against it. For that, fear climate change with David Wallace-Wells, study the limitations of globalization with Peter Thiel and dive into the growing world of esports with John Robinson and Blake Robbins.

Time to lay out the chess pieces.

šŸ¦ Tech (mainly) tweets I'm reading

Jill Carlson draws three factors that affect your career.
Sam Altman makes tech predictions.
David Wallace-Wells writes a disturbing climate change thread.

šŸŒŽ World affairs

Peter Thiel returns to Stanford to teach a course on the limits of Globalization. I'm planning to follow along with the recommended reading. I've always observed that the best investors study history as much as numbers and take macro and societally informed perspectives. To do that with a lens on current events will be exciting.

šŸŽ® Esports

A primer on eSports with John Robinson and Blake Robbins is an insightful conversation of how esports will evolve and the parallels with existing sports leagues. John and Blake are close to 100 Thieves, one of the best branded esports organizations out there.