Week 23
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Week 23

Hi Reader,

I've made my notes from Week 1 of Peter Thiel's course on Sovereignity and the Limits of Globalization and Technology available here. These are a product from the discussion our group had at the EF offices.

Global politics today is as fascinating and perplexing as ever, and I hope my attempt to summarize the current state of play is thought-provoking for you. I would really welcome comments and corrections as I'm still learning about this.

🐦 Tech (mainly) tweets I'm reading

Romain Lapeyre on how he closed the first 1,000 customers on data alone.
Paul Graham on the adjacency of markets.
Suhail advocates start-ups to model unit economics early on.

🌎 Climate

The Intercept wrote about how climate change could take hundreds of millions of lives and result in global collapse. This is one area that we shouldn't just exploit for an investment thesis, but figure out how to help.

Does that mean we shouldn't invest at all? Not at all, great long-term investments often look indistinguishable from financing the right kind of experimentation (Tesla).