Week 29
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Week 29

Hi Reader,

This issue is being written from Antalya, Turkey where I'm taking a much needed semi-break. I'm blown away but the level of interesting content being put out this week, let's get straight to it.

šŸ˜Ž Misc

Onym.co is a new all-in-one resource for naming things.
A rare, lengthy discussion with Peter Thiel on American Democracy and public monopolies.

šŸ“± Product

A number of interesting articles came out on product this week:

There has been a recent de-emphasis of product principles on start-up development, focusing instead on raw pacing, top-down strategic planning, brand building and other aspects. It's always helpful to pull the focus back on product.

šŸ“š Learning

Quantum computing for the very curious is an article that is literally impossible to forget. Frequent readers of this newsletter will know Michael Nielsen for his advocacy around long-term knowledge retention via flash cards. He is equally passionate about Quantum Mechanics and the union of both is an article with flash cards baked in.