Week 4 ā€“ How to live in SF without spending any money
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Week 4 ā€“ How to live in SF without spending any money

Hi There,

This week, we go from simple tricks to save, to breaking down the racing performance of F1 greats. I'm headed to Osea island near London, embracing some nature and activity ahead of the coming winter. Happy reading!

šŸŽ Performance

My favorite podcast this week was Peter Attia's Formula 1 episode with Paul Conti. It's a very passionate discussion about the limits of human performance and how Ayrton Senna risked it all to then reinvest in Brazilian education.

šŸ“ˆ Investing

Coinbase launched Bundles, a new way to invest in crypto currency. Great for those of us that don't like to pick winners, instead opting for a quality market index.

This week's principle is really a cost-cutting tip. Modern customer acquisition is often fueled through incentives. Discounts, referrals, cash grants and other forms of "free" money are available for those willing to look.

I call this strategy Acquisition exploitation. For a great case example, check out How to Live in San Francisco Without Spending any Money.

šŸ„• Longevity

A new nutrition management solution was announced during the Entrepreneur First Europe 10 Demo Day. MyLevels is a glucose sensor that measures your unique response to different foods and can recommend small changes for a more healthy diet.

Waitlist registrations are now open. To see all Entrepreneur First pitches, see Techcrunch.