Week 5 ā€“ A universal encyclopedia of healthy foods
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Week 5 ā€“ A universal encyclopedia of healthy foods

Hi There,

Coming back refreshed from the beautiful island of Osea, spending the week-end among donkeys, drones and other colleagues (just kidding!). The highlight was hearing Michael Mosley talk about the 5:2 diet and his approach to self-experimentation. The basic idea of ketosis is being wrapped into marketable diets and that's probably a good thing. More on the offsite here (hint: QB is hiring!).

šŸŽ Performance

I've been following IRONMAN Triathlete Lionel Sanders, who releases regular videos about training and preparation psychology. There's a new video out in collaboration with the mixed reality training platform Zwift. Lionel trains in a novel way - lots of indoor training for safety, very little outside coaching, constant self-experimentation / self-reflection and a brutal focus on eliminating weakness.

In another video he talks about seeing Jan Frodeno's performance at the half-IRONMAN worlds, how that's brought him to tears and also motivated him.

You'll also notice some nutrition containers in the video. A big staple of every athlete's diet are combination drinks with lots of greens, nuts, seeds and natural nutrient sources. I've started to incorporate sunflower seeds, flax, goji berries via my morning oat bowl and will continue to do more of that.

ā›© Minimalism

mnmll.ist is a new curated guide for minimalist items. For me, minimalism is a lot less about black & white over-priced items, and more about affordable, high-quality products like MUJI or Uniqlo products, but there are some beautiful things in this list. I particularly enjoyed the growing list of independent design magazines. For a coffee table near you.

šŸ„• Longevity

There is a new website to learn about nutrition impacts. Examine debunks common myths and covers a wide range of supplements and foods. It's a source we desperately need.

ProductHunt Podcast featured a new episode from the Pioneer team (it's the 2nd podcast from the top). One of the Co-Founders, Laura Deming, is a longevity expert, and we hear some of her views on this topic. The main learning is that sugar is the source of all evil, potentially being as or more harmful than alcohol or cigarettes. The rest of the podcast talks about the idea that we could enable a million people to fulfill their potential by funding them at an early stage through a gamified tournament.