Week 43
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Week 43

Hi Reader,

I'm back from holiday, so this is a 2-week issue. There's plenty here to dig into from top reading lists for your summer holiday, a new podcast, new insights about building companies and many more on developing your career.

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The Managing Director of Thiel Capital is starting a podcast. This Portal podcast is ranking #1 with 0 episodes šŸ¤Æ.

šŸš€ Start-ups

Which Instagram features actually resulted in growth. Turns out it's bugs and performance improvements. This is probably more true in consumer than enterprise and speaks equally about how difficult it is to get product market fit on new consumer features.

Semil Shah speaks truth about investor updates. I would recommend going even earlier and using investor updates before you have investors. This is the approach I use and it's been very beneficial. A good way to get started is to join Pioneer or Startup School.

Todd Goldberg, a Superhuman investor talks about how to build the "Superhuman of X".

šŸš€ Career pathways

Riva Tez on why building is the best thing to do right now. Culturally investing is much more appreciated then building, but from a macro perspective it's a great time to build.

Sriram Kirshnan reveals the modern pathway of becoming a VC.

Morgan Housel stresses the importance of being under-employed.

Arjun Balaji thinks we should do things as if we'll live forever.

šŸ“š Reading

The a16z summer reading list for 2019 is out.

Alt-econ summer 2019 reading list.

Loopuleasa on reading books effectively.