Week 44
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Week 44

Hi Reader,

I must be spending more time on Twitter because there's more and more exciting content to share.

When shaping one's career, Craig Shapiro argues that our biggest enemy is our lack of ambition. But even on a tactical level I believe our knowledge of possible pathways is the great enabler. Whatever little momentum I've been able to gather in my career has been due to finding out about opportunities and working to quickly materialize them. As an example, I only learned that McKinsey exists before the application deadline for my cohort and still managed to wiggle my way in. If you want to become a great VC, Jason Lemkin shares his thoughts on what you should do first.

🤝 VC

Jason Lemkin explains how to bootstrap your investor career. His argument: invest in great companies first and don't worry about ownership. Very fitting as investing is a game of track records. The bigger thread on Twitter is interesting too.

Natalie Sportelli collects best VC content.

On Deck start-up break-out list.

Todd Goldberg highlights the fractional ownership trend.

🚀 Start-ups

Jeff Morris Jr. about Founders who aren't afraid of a little competition. This Locker quote illustrates this perfectly.

Bootcamp's new free book on product management.

🌍 Global

Project Wren allows you to erase your carbon footprint. That sounds like magic, but the idea is funding activities that offset the carbon output of your consumption. Now there really is no excuse to ignore climate change on a personal level.

Long Now seminar on Rethinking Value via Gordon Brander.


Craig Shapiro admits "We follow the path we aim for".

Naval's new project is hiring engineers.