Week 52
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Week 52

Hi Reader,

Bridgewater dropped us some hints on how they think about the current situation, but apart from that very few interesting developments so we're focusing on start-up tips.


"Ultimately, they anticipate a system which permits unfettered commerce, provable-reserve free banking (unlike the obscure socialized-loss mess we rely on), renders capital controls obsolete, frees savers from state-sanctioned theft by inflation, and eventually disempowers the State entirely, shrinking its monetary toolkit."
- Nic Carter


💵 Crypto

Nic Carter sees Bitcoin as a non-violent revolution.

🚀 Start-ups

Laura Deming warns never fund your own R&D.

Jason Lemkin launches a (free) book on how to get from 0 to $1M ARR with SaaS.

Andrew Chen says OKRs are harmful for pre product market fit start-ups. I disagree with the statement overall, because I think OKRs can always be reframed to be about process and outputs not tied to a specific idea, e.g., "Get to 50% product market fit". Andrew's underlying thesis is accurate - that pre product market fit companies should set goals and make decisions on a weekly cadence based on a nimble feedback loop. In this scenario, OKRs could still be used, but they won't be that helpful and indeed are all too easy to misuse. This is another reminder that the "wall" of pre-product market fit vs post-product market fit is the greatest determinant in start-up strategy.