Week 8 ā€“ How to be less productive to be more productive
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Week 8 ā€“ How to be less productive to be more productive

Hi Reader,

This week's issue is centered around productivity. Removing clutter, building healthy habits, compounding small iterations. I'm always overwhelmed by the amount of quality productivity tips out there so the articles today actually offer helpful summaries.

šŸ¦ Tech tweets I'm reading

Matt Prewitt on when we should redesign basic institutions and when we should defer to wisdom of tradition
Cristian Strat comments on how to compound small iterations


SOLD OUT is the new brand is a short piece I wrote in response to the 100 Thieves funding announcement and latest street wear trends. An emerging strategy for new retailers.

ā¤ļø Longevity

How to Win by Daniel Gross goes through all the tips a start-up Founder needs to embrace to operate at maximum productivity. Covers sleep, nutrition, psychology and goes even deeper than that. Recommend to anyone who currently sees health and productivity as a trade-off (hint: they aren't!).

āš”ļø Productivity

How to Configure Your iPhone to Work for You, Not Against You is an exhaustive guide on reconfiguring your iPhone for more productive use. Boils down to turning off as many notifications as possible.