Week 9 ā€“ The "Long Game"
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Week 9 ā€“ The "Long Game"

Hi Reader,

Last week-end I ran my first marathon in Dublin (report and learnings coming) and now enjoying some rest & recovery while planning out the next fitness period. I like to mix it up, so next year is going to emphasize swimming, weights and maybe a return to rowing to build a stronger base. Running has revealed the impact of being vulnerable to injury and it's something I would love to avoid in the future.

šŸ¦ Tech tweets I'm reading

Andrew Chen on The red flags and magic numbers that investors look for in your start-ups metrics, 80-page slide deck included.
Chris Sacca blatantly disagrees with Larry Summers on raising expectations.

šŸ¤” Meta

In the surprising power of the long-game Shane Parrish reminds us of the meta theory of long-termism and how it manifests itself in daily trade-offs.

ā¤ļø Longevity

Building Muscle is an evidence based guide on muscle growth. It's not new, but is an excellent summary of research-informed body building tips. Muscle growth is harder to maintain with age and is quite crucial to good well-being. The best recommendation is to start early.

āš”ļø Productivity

Andy Sparks recommends batching discussion items to remember what to discuss with everyone. I've done this in the past on intense days and it can be quite handy.