Non-obvious annual planning tools for 2021
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Non-obvious annual planning tools for 2021

The time of initiating New Year's resolutions is fast approaching. 2020 may have been particularly disruptive to any sort of planning (for example, I count several holidays, a triathlon and a language test as just a couple of the unfulfillable plans I had for the year), but this does not reduce the merits of the exercise.

Annual planning is a core part of "personal strategy" and has many benefits even if the plans change (reflecting on the prior year, restructuring priorities, thinking about habits).

I want to highlight 3 frameworks that are less known and could be a useful addition to your planning arsenal.

8760 hours

This is a complete planning system from Alex Vermeer and a good starting point. I particularly appreciated his focus on reflecting on enjoyable activities and the structured flow.

Goal factoring

Goal factoring is a visual way of connecting your values to specific goals and actions. Here is an example from Malcolm Ocean. It's especially useful as an antidote to optionality hunting.

Tiny habits

BJ Fogg's approach to habit creation is simple but resonates with my experience and minimizes the anxiety you will undoubtedly experience while taking on a new habit.

Happy New Year and Happy Planning!