Week 20
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Week 20

Hi Reader,

This week finally comes with a new principle. My aim in each new principle series is to start with the fundamental laws. They tend to be much more important than any that follow, yet hard to master and accept. In investing, that was the Hierarchy of investor needs.

I'm arguing that the High Ground principle is one of the fundamental principles of strategy. I hope you'll enjoy the connections I draw to make that case.

The tweet-sphere has been cooking some interesting threads as well so make sure you check them out. There's even a fighting cold guide for any of you treating January flu.

🐦 Tech (mainly) tweets I'm reading

Jonathan Swanson pens a thread on scaling from 0 to $1B.
Holly compiles dirty industry secrets.
Arjun Balaji shares a US macro dashboard and consumption list.
Andy Sparks gathers the best fighting cold tips.

🎲 Strategy

The High Ground principle dates back 2,000 years. I take a fresh look at it and attempt to motivate a generalization outside military contexts. Whatever you are dealing with, there's probably a "High Ground" strategy available to you.

🎥 Content

The 100Thieves Content House video gives us a look at the future of media. This is a custom house built for 4 streamers with dedicated streaming setups, an Instagrammable lunch table with lots of lighting. It's no secret that venues are starting to optimize for social media consumption, but here is a new vision for living in the social media age.