Week 50
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Week 50

Hi Reader,

If there is one Twitter account you must follow these days, it's Rudy Haverstein. It's grim, it's gritty, it's not politically correct, it's much needed critical thinking.

I'm more and more convinced that negative interest rates are evil. They seem to prolong bubbles (allowing the rich and dumb more time to exit). Anything that delays a bubble makes it bigger (because bubbles only work if things are growing excessively). While negative rates do put pressure on bank profitability, if bailouts are waiting at the end, it's tax-payer money that's on pressure.

I've also taken some time to extend the list of investing principles with some principles that are tailored to understanding economic cycles.

If you're interested in my company Auditless, published a new post this week in collaboration with Gauntlet.


"Recessions are not only normal they are needed to refresh the business cycle and wring out excess. Extending the excess, which is what the Fed is in effect aiming to do, can lead to much worse."
- Swen Henrich


🌍 Macro

The Fed is making the bubble bigger says Swen Henrich.

Bill Gurley gets recommendations for best Yahoo Finance alternative. I tried Wallmine personally, it's incredible.


Talks about a new monetary system are mounting [FT paywall]. Thought about putting this in the crypto section.

Water is getting scarce in Europe [article in German]. I recently re-watched the Big Short and it may be worth noting that the primary protagonist Michael Burry now focuses on water trading.

🚀 Start-ups

Riva Tez says South Bay > SF. In 2012/2013 I interned in Mountain View and San Francisco. As a young intern, San Francisco was really exciting at the time. I even wrote a blog post about how it felt. The people that enjoyed San Francisco in 2013 are getting older now and I'm keen what Gen Z has to say about this.

Gustavs Cirulis wrote about Intercom's Fundamentals of UI Design.